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Here at Lotus Medics we provide the most complete gynaecological and obstetric care while always making a woman’s needs and comfort a priority.

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Healthcare for women requires a customised, patient-centric approach that prioritises the special interests and individual needs of each woman. At Lotus Medics, we will help you in the management and treatment of your reproductive and general health concerns.

Holistic & Multidisciplinary Approach

We address all aspects of women’s health journey from menarche to menopause.

We Listen and Offer Informed Choice

Our mission is to offer you enough information to empower you to make informed decisions.

Over 20 Years Experience on 3 Continents

Having worked extensively in the fields of Obstetrics and Gynaecology in India, UK and Australia, Dr Sachin brings an enormous experience to the table.

Always Up -To -Date With Cutting Edge Technologies

Whether it is patient education or treatment or surgery, we always strive to offer you the most advanced, minimally invasive cutting-edge technologies.

Dedicated to Women's Health in all Walks of Life


Lotus Medics is a private, welcoming, friendly practice based in Orange, offering high quality patient centred care to the Central West NSW and beyond, through our Women’s Health service.

At Lotus Medics, we understand that every person is unique. We strive to listen and understand that uniqueness in each person, thereby offering a customised service.



General Gynaecology

Contraception (oral contraceptives, implants, Mirena insertion).

Minimally Invasive Surgery

Including, advanced laparoscopy and hysteroscopy to treat fibroids, endometriosis, ovarian cysts, and polyps, more safely and enables a quicker recovery time compared to open surgery.

Laparoscopy and Incontinence

Laparoscopy is a surgical procedure that allows a surgeon to access the inside of the abdomen and pelvis without having to make large incisions in the skin. This surgery is effectively used for incontinence after childbirth.


Helping women achieve pregnancy despite years of trying. We diagnose conditions preventing pregnancy: General Infertility,  PCOS, Endometriosis, Polyps and Fibroids.


Personalised treatment plans aimed at the management of menopause; relieving symptoms and improving quality of life. But also sexual dysfunction, pelvic floor disorders like prolapse and Incontinence.


Pre-Pregnancy Counselling

Prepares a woman for her upcoming pregnancy by optimising her medical condition, medications and preparing a plan for her pregnancy based on her previous deliveries and health concerns and her wishes.

Antenatal Care

Further divided into first,second and third trimesters-which incorporates a customised care for each woman, focussing on wellbeing in pregnancy and a plan for safe delivery.


This involves informed choice for patients and their birth partners. A birth plan is made for delivery at 28 weeks visit and finalised at 36-37 weeks after taking into account the risk factors and patient wishes involving their birth partner at each step.


Postnatal appointment offers opportunities to discuss the delivery, lactation, choices of contraception, change in medications, and make a plan for any future pregnancies to close the loop, so that women are supported at every step.

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We are proud to offer you the convenience of 24 hr booking flexibility – you can book online when it suits you and be guaranteed an appointment at Lotus Medics.


Meet Dr Sachin


Dr Sachin Kotasthane is an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist who has been part of the medical community in Orange since 2013.

After training in the UK in a variety of specialised skills like Advanced laparoscopy, Urogynaecology, Pelvic ultrasound and Menopause management, and working as a Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist in Glasgow, he emigrated to Orange with his young family to settle in the Australian countryside. His passion and zeal for introducing all the latest technology and treatments available to women in large cities led him to pioneer the following treatments in Orange.


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We are grateful for the trust demonstrated by the GPs when they allow us to care for their patients. We pride ourselves in communicating with the referring physician and health care professional before and after we see their patient.

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Frequently Asked Questions


To help you learn more about getting gynaecology and obstetrics services in Central NSW
and Orange  NSW, here are some answers to frequently asked questions.

A gynaecologist is a specialist doctor who primarily deals in female reproductive health. Gynaecologists diagnose and treat disorders of the female reproductive health including conditions that affect the uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries and other parts of the female reproductive system from adolescence to menopause and beyond.

The difference between a gynaecologist and an OB/GYN is that an OB/GYN provides medical care during pre-conception, pregnancy, childbirth, and post-delivery while a gynaecologist provides medical care for all women’s health issues.

The role of an obstetrician and gynaecologist during pregnancy is to provide health care to ensure a safe and healthy pregnancy and delivery process. They conduct prenatal testing, perform foetal monitoring and test for genetic disorders or possible birth defects.

It is recommended to visit a gynaecologist annually from the onset of your menstrual cycle.  They might address issues or check for pelvic floor disorders, abnormal bleeding, infertility and polycystic ovary syndrome. 

You would also see them when you fall pregnant as well as when you enter into menopause


Our Locations



Level 2, Bloomfield Medical Campus, 1521 Forest Rd, Orange NSW 2800



Bathurst Specialist Centre, Building 1470, Panorama Ave, Charles Sturt University, Bathurst NSW 2795



Ochre Health Medical Centre 335 Clarinda St, Parkes NSW 2870

Gynaecologist & Obstetrician in Orange and Central NSW, Australia

LotusMedics is a modern, and forward-thinking practice providing women’s health services located in Bloomfield Medical Campus, in Orange NSW, Bathhurst Specialist Centre and Ochre Health medical Centre Parkes.

At LotusMedics, we understand that every person is unique and our gynaecology services are tailored to each individual’s needs. Residents in Orange and the Central West can experience the best in women’s healthcare at one of our 3 conveniently located practices.

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Highest Quality Gynaecological Care

Our experienced team at our Orange Health Service Clinic, Bathurst and Parks clinics, are at the forefront of women’s healthcare, bringing the latest in technological advancements in gynaecological services.

We specialise in providing professional care for a wide range of concerns related to obstetrics and gynaecology. LotusMedics expertly offers customised treatment options for menopause management, heavy menstrual bleeding and irregular periods, contraception, endometriosis, infertility, uterine fibroids, pelvic pain, prolapse and incontinence, ectopic pregnancy, high-risk obstetrics and other conditions.

LotusMedics offer a wealth of experience.  Dr Sachin Kotasthane, LotusMedics' lead doctor has gained more than 20 years of experience working across three countries, in the field of obstetrics and gynaecology. 

We ensure the use of the latest equipment and technology including minimally invasive surgery using advanced laparoscopic techniques. We use the latest diagnostic tests for ultrasounds, MRI, endoscopic examination, advanced laparoscopic surgery, colposcopy, pelvic ultrasound and pap tests. 

How Gynaecologists & Obstetricians can promote Women’s Health in Orange and the Central West?

At our Orange health service centre, we cater to women who need patient-centred healthcare. Orange and Central West residents who visit one of our 3 clinics can get the following healthcare services.

  • Diagnosis and treatment of reproductive system disorders including endometriosis, infertility, ovarian cysts, and chronic pelvic pain
  • Management of menopause
  • Personalised and holistic care during pregnancy and birth
  • Early detection of health conditions to ensure good health outcomes
  • Latest treatment and compassionate care for patients with ovarian, cervical, and other reproductive cancers.

At LotusMedics we understand that to improve women’s health, one must champion its cause at all levels.  We believe in the following principles to improve women’s health:

  • Education in Women’s health-Through his offers curated, evidence-based information on women’s health for a vast number of different conditions. He also offers pre-, peri- and postoperative support to help enhance recovery after surgery. Through a combination of carefully curated infographics, leaflets and videos-Dr Kotasthane and LotusMedics help women better understand the complex conditions affecting them.
  • LotusMedics teams up with global partners to champion women’s health causes like Endometriosis and infertility.
  • LotusMedics and Dr Kotasthane help create awareness for women’s health conditions like endometriosis, pelvic pain, prolapse, etc in the existing doctors but regular seminars and lectures and in the doctor of tomorrow by being involved in University teaching through the Sydney University
  • Early adoption of the latest cutting edge investigative and treatment technologies, like 3D/4D ultrasound and Minimally invasive laparoscopic and vaginal surgery.

Procedural Expertise

Beyond medical therapies and medication, the region’s leading gynaecologist and obstetrician, LotusMedics has extensive expertise in many gynaecological-obstetric procedures.

  • Advanced Laparoscopy-this includes treatment to complex deep infiltrating endometriosis,hysterectomy,ovarian cysts,prolapse management,fibroids,etc
  • Management of pelvic organ prolapse using both vaginal and laparoscopic techniques.
  • Hysteroscopy including diagnostic and operative hysteroscopy
  • Mirena Insertions and Removal
  • Colposcopies
  • Novasure Endometrial Ablation
  • Myosure
  • Myomectomies and In-bag morcellation of fibroids
  • Endometriosis excision, division and anatomy restoration
  • High-Risk Obstetrics