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How its Dun-eze!

Correct toilet positioning for emptying bladder and bowelPelvic floor care starts with the basics and the simple business of toiling is a serious one.

Something as basic as correctly positioning yourselves to go about “this daily business” can prevent long term issues and enhance quality of life.

The Continence Foundation of Australia too recommends this position for emptying the bladder and bowel as shown below.

I saw this video a few months ago by Professor Ajay Rane, urogynaecologist from Townsville and this video is also available on YouTube. According to Professor Rane, squatting is the way to better eliminate the bladder and bowels. And he goes on to demonstrate in this video the correct ways of relaxing the pelvic floor and accessory muscles around it to facilitate better bladder and bowel emptying.

Something so simple, yet so important and which can influence the strain that your pelvic floor, bladder and bowel may be experiencing everyday.

Thought I would share it with you!


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