A woman suffering from pelvic and period pain due to endometriosis
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Explain my Pelvic and Period Pain – Endometriosis

The way pelvic pain hits can indicate something more severe. Pelvic and period pain can indicate endometriosis – a relatively widespread condition that can take quite some time to be diagnosed and managed. Read our article and watch the video to understand, why a diagnosis is the only way out to diagnosis endometriosis.

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Demystifying hysterectomy

“After living with severe period pain for 17 years, treating it with a hysterectomy was the best gift I could give myself!” An endo warrior. A hysterectomy is a treatment solution for a wide range of gynecological problems. It is the surgical procedure to remove a woman’s uterus (womb).  A hysterectomy can do it all;

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Important Reminders For All Women About Menopause & Female Sexual Dysfunction

In Australia, women are often well-educated and receive information on basic reproductive health including, when they commence their periods and sexual health education. However, menopause is not often discussed and there is nothing to prepare women for this massive change in their life. Especially when this change has a massive impact on their overall health,

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How its Dun-eze!

Something as basic as correctly positioning yourselves to go about “this daily business” can prevent long term issues and enhance quality of life.

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It’s OK to “not be OK”

Postnatal depression affects 10-15% of women having a baby. Symptoms are similar to those in depression and can make it difficult for new mums to look after themselves and their baby. In about a third of women, the symptoms actually start during pregnancy and continue after delivery. Symptoms of PND Depression – feeling low, unhappy

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