March with us against Endometriosis

Endometriosis is one of the most painful and debilitating conditions known to women.

In the 17th century this was linked to a “hysteria” amongst women – But THIS IS NOT IN YOUR MIND- This is a real disease that affects not just the womb but can also affect the entire pelvis including the ovaries, bowel and bladder and seriously affect your quality of life and hamper your chances of having children.

It can recur and require ongoing treatment.

The main manifestations of this are either:

  • Pain. OR
  • Infertility (difficulty to conceive)

Tissue similar to the lining of the uterus is present inside the tummy and can encroach everywhere-around the uterus, tubes, ovaries, in front and behind the uterus, bladder and bowel.

Women often suffer from Pelvic pain, Painful periods, Pain during or after sexual intercourse, painful opening of bowel or bladder pain and significant affection of quality of life including difficulty to conceive.

Whilst we don’t know what exactly causes endometriosis there are theories that postulate it occurrence including genetics, in that if you have a first degree relative with endometriosis you are more likely to have that condition.

Early diagnosis of endometriosis not only helps in controlling symptoms and improving fertility, but also helps in preventing further female sexual dysfunction and improving sexual health

Diagnosis and Treatment

Women who have these symptoms have an increased chance of having endometriosis.

Endometriosis cannot always be diagnosed by:

Ultrasound / Imaging unless there are physical signs like cysts in the ovary (called Endometriomas / Chocolate cysts) or large nodules that can be detected by very experienced clinicians/imaging specialists.

Most of the investigations and treatments are led by symptoms and a high degree of suspicion.

LAPAROSCOPY remains the GOLD STANDARD in diagnosis and treatment of endometriosis.

Early diagnosis of endometriosis remains the key to reducing debilitating symptoms and improving fertility.

At Lotus Medics we not only investigate and treat endometriosis but also give you comprehensive support to improve your fertility, sex life and keep endometriosis suppressed.

We believe in excising, resecting and removing endometriosis from its core to give you the best results whether in symptom control or improvement in fertility.

We work with the best partners in this area whether it be colorectal surgeons and urologists or physiotherapists and pain specialists to help ease your pain and discomfort,  add quality to your life and help you achieve a pregnancy easily and safely.