Because Women need Quality and Quantity in Life

Has the Hot Flash Havoc hit you?!

You are not alone. Australia has over 2million women in menopause and over 80000 new women join menopause every year.

We are living longer which is great news. But this also means that women are spending a higher proportion of their lives in menopause, a condition that no one prepares them for.

This “Change of life” hits many women just as they look forward to enjoying their lives after settling their children.

They can have debilitating symptoms not just of hot flushes and night sweats but also vaginal dryness, problems with arousal, reduced libido, painful sex, mood swings, depression, thinning and loss of elasticity of the skin and long term metabolic changes to the bones, heart and brain.

Some of these can get netter over time and other not just don’t get better bit can actually worsen.

Well, good news is Menopause and HRT are Cool again!!

We have been prescribing HRT for decades but some studies few years ago were responsible for the bad press that Hit has received an continues to receive till today.

The NAMS (North American Menopause Society) has issued a revised position statement on HRT which is an evidence based clinical recommendation on HRT.

This clarifies the confusion surrounding HRT and also provides us with a more fitting concept of the appropriate HRT dose, duration, regimen and route of administration that provides the most benefit with the least risk.

But at LotusMedics we know that improving quality of life is not just about popping a pill/slapping on a patch but also optimising your lifestyle.

We have a tailored approach to each woman and strive to educate them about recognising symptoms of menopause and offer the best therapies to improve their symptoms and sex life.