Toward Safe Birth​

At Lotus Medics we understand that “normal” can be different for different women, but everyone understands safety. And when you are bringing your precious bundle of joy into this world, safety is key and cannot be overemphasised enough.

A physiological birth which is natural does not require a midwife or a doctor. But pregnancy and labour is a dynamic process and there can be situations that arise that may deviate from the natural course or physiology. Whilst the journey, whether it be low risk or high risk pregnancy or a birth which can be a spontaneous vaginal delivery, or a forceps, or vacuum or a Caesarean section can be different for different women, what we all must focus on is the outcome – a healthy baby, a healthy mother and a happy family.

At Lotus Medics we understand these different dynamic processes of pregnancy and birth. Whilst we strive to maintain the physiology at all times, we are prepared for the deviations in the pregnant state and labour and are prepared not only to recognise them but to help you adjust with them so that our goal of a safe outcome is ensured.

Our priority is to enhance your physical, emotional and mental well-being though our holistic team approach to make this journey fulfilling and strengthen the bonds of family.