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A holistic approach to pregnancy and delivery


At Lotus Medics, we understand that “normal” can be different for all pregnant women, but everyone understands safety. Women who are looking to experience childbirth in the most natural and safest way possible are excellent candidates for holistic pregnancy. Orange, Bathurst and Parkes and mothers-to-be from the Central West NSW seeking a holistic approach can visit us at Lotus Medics.

We specialise in empowering women to experience pregnancy and childbirth safely and naturally. Our healthcare specialists understand that pregnancy is more than just a physical experience. We prioritise the physical, mental and emotional well-being of the mother to ensure a happy and healthy mother and baby.

Our goal is to provide compassionate and specialised care that caters to your specific needs and desired outcomes using holistic pregnancy. Central West residents can visit the Lotus Medics clinic in Bathurst, Parkes and Orange to experience holistic healthcare for pregnancy and similar services.

At Lotus Medics, we understand that there can be deviations in pregnancy. We integrate technology and medical intervention as needed in a way that supports the principles of holistic pregnancy.

Choosing holistic antenatal care can help you achieve the best possible physical and mental state during and after pregnancy. This emphasis on all-around wellness is one of the reasons holistic pregnancy promotes quicker recovery and limits the side effects of medications after childbirth.

What is holistic pregnancy?


Holistic pregnancy is a personalised approach to pregnancy that prioritises the natural process of pregnancy and birth. Each pregnancy is treated as a unique experience since different women have different needs and desires.

A holistic-focussed obstetrician considers all aspects of the pregnant woman including their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. A holistic approach prioritises the natural process of pregnancy and childbirth. However, it also includes thoughtful use of low-intervention approaches and technology to ensure the safety of mother and child.

When you opt for holistic pregnancy, your obstetrician may also recommend integrative therapies like yoga, acupuncture and meditation to help your body and mind achieve peak physical and mental health.


What’s the difference between holistic and natural pregnancy and delivery?


A holistic pregnancy is an approach to childbirth and pregnancy that prioritises the natural processes and alternative therapies but also incorporates the use of medication and technology where necessary to ensure a safe pregnancy and delivery. Natural pregnancy differs from the holistic approach because it excludes the use of medications or technological interventions.


Who can benefit from our treatment?


Holistic pregnancy can benefit any woman who wants to ensure that they are mentally, physically and emotionally healthy during pregnancy and childbirth. If you have any of the following concerns you can visit any Lotus Medics clinics for holistic pregnancy in Orange, Bathurst or Parkes.

What happens at consultations?


When you consult an obstetrics specialist, the doctor will recommend the best holistic approach based on your condition.

Since holistic pregnancy incorporates alternative therapies, your doctor may recommend natural therapies to help you cope with the physical and mental discomforts of pregnancy such as:

At Lotus Medics, we emphasise personalised care that is tailored to suit your needs. Our holistic pregnancy patients are given the best course of treatment based on their desired outcomes and conditions.

While we prioritise the natural processes of pregnancy, our holistic pregnancy doctor may also recommend medical and technological intervention where necessary to ensure the safety of both mother and child.

What happens at my first antenatal appointment?


LotusMedics will go through a complete and detailed medical, gynaecological, previous obstetric, mental health, family and social history with you. We will perform necessary examinations, investigations and ultrasounds.

Dr Kotasthane provides reassurance that your baby is safe and you will have the opportunity to view your precious little one with 3D and 4D ultrasound scans that he can perform at each visit

We will fill up your Yellow card and organise a booking visit referral for the hospital.

We will organise all your appointments and investigations for the rest of the pregnancy so that you are aware of the different milestones in this beautiful journey.

Pregnancy organiser-on the LotusMedics website is a Pregnancy organiser in which,when you enter your due date-all your pregnancy events and milestones are displayed-This helps you organise your pregnancy and help with your appointments and important blood tests,scans and vaccinations.

What happens at the Pregnancy
planning and management visit?


The pregnancy planning and management visit is a detailed visit that usually happens around 28 weeks during which we will review the pregnancy events and outcomes and make a detailed plan for the rest of the pregnancy and go through a plan for delivery.

A comprehensive medical, physical, obstetric and mental health assessment and a birth plan are prepared and are further consolidated in the third trimester usually around 36-37 weeks based on the couple’s wishes and after informed consent.


Why Choose Lotus Medics


Lotus Medics focus on providing an all-around approach to wellness and pregnancy that prioritises safe and natural pregnancy. Our team of experts believes in a woman’s right of choice and that is why we tailor our approach to suit your unique experiences, beliefs and desired outcomes.

Our goal is to empower you to have the safest and most natural pregnancy possible without compromising on safety. Your wellbeing is our priority and our solutions are designed to ensure a healthy and happy mother and baby using holistic pregnancy. Bathurst, Parkes and Orange residents can visit our clinics for compassionate and personalised care where we prioritise your wellbeing.


Our Wonderful Team


Lotus Medics is a friendly and welcoming team of healthcare specialists who ensure they provide and maintain the best patient care possible. Our team is led by Dr Kotasthane – an Obstetrics and Gynaecology Specialist who has worked in specialised centres in the UK and India and now offers the best of his knowledge, skills and global experience to patients in Australia. His credentials include:

Our team led by Dr Sachin Kotasthane understands that every woman has a right to a holistic birth experience, within the realms of safety, that respects her choices, beliefs and desired outcomes.


Our Locations


Lotus Medics is a modern, and forward-thinking practice that specialises in providing health services to women. Our services focus on overall wellness using approaches like holistic pregnancy. Parkes, Orange and Bathurst residents can visit us at any of these locations. Please note that whilst antenatal and postnatal care and delivery planning are offered at Bathurst, Orange and Parkes, all deliveries are undertaken at Orange Hospital.



Bloomfield Medical Campus, Level 2/1521 Forest Rd, Orange NSW 2800

The Lotus Medics clinic in Orange is located at Bloomfield Medical Campus, Level 2, 1521 Forest Road, ORANGE, NSW, 2800. We are open Monday to Friday: 9 am – 5 pm.

To schedule an appointment you can call us on 1300 356 887 or book online. You can also reach us by email at admin@lotusmedics.com.au with any enquiries.



Bathurst Specialist Centre, Building 1470, Panorama Ave, Charles Sturt University, Bathurst NSW 2795

You can reach us in Bathurst at Bathurst Specialist Centre Building 1470, Panorama Ave Charles Sturt University, Bathurst NSW 2795, Australia.

We are open Monday to Friday: 9 am – 5 pm. You can book an appointment to see our obstetrician online or call 1300 356 887 to book an appointment. You can also reach us for support and enquiries by email.



Ochre Health Medical Centre 335 Clarinda St, Parkes NSW 2870

Lotus Medics are located in Ochre Medical Centre Parkes, 335 Clarinda St, Parkes NSW 2870, Australia. To book an appointment to see our obstetrician in Parkes, you can reach us for support or enquiries online, via email or call 1300 356 887 to speak to us directly.

Frequently Asked Questions


If you are considering holistic pregnancy, you can learn more about this approach from the answers to frequently asked questions below.


Lotus Medics is happy to see women at all stages of pregnancy, however, to optimise individualised care, it is preferable to see him soon after your pregnancy has been confirmed. You will need a referral from your general practitioner – these are usually valid for 12 months.

Lotus Medics accepts referrals for patients with or without private health insurance – there is a payment plan available for patients without insurance, which can be individualised to patient circumstances.

Where a pregnant woman’s GP is happy to share their obstetric care, Lotus Medics is delighted to work with the GP in a partnership to offer the best model of shared care.

We are delighted to see couples planning pregnancy to address any concerns they may have and optimise their pre-conception health, including medical conditions, medication optimisation and organising necessary multidisciplinary care, where required.

The focus of LotusMedics care is:

  • Towards safety in pregnancy and birth
  • Comprehensive holistic multidisciplinary care
  • The informed choice – the ability for the couple and especially the mother to make informed choices about her care – based on evidence

Women should see a healthcare provider from Lotus Medics as soon as they suspect they are pregnant, usually four to six weeks after their last menstrual period. A healthcare provider can confirm pregnancy, answer questions, and help make sure the mother and baby are healthy.

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